Piano Lessons (parent)

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Mary as a piano teacher. Her teaching inspires. My children haven't just learned to play, they have learned to love music. Mary clearly values each of them and genuinely invests in them. She searches for ways to help them meet their potential and is dedicated to providing high quality experiences in the most relevant and accessible way for each of my children. There is no 'one size fits all' approach with Mary. Above all, my children love their lessons, they benefit from having a teacher who inspires, nurtures, personalises their learning and is passionate about their development as musicians. What more could you wish for in a piano teacher?

Nikki-Kate Heyes MBE CEO, soundLINCS

"I’m delighted to have the opportunity to talk about Mary and have no hesitation in recommending her music services. Why might this be? 20 years ago Mary expressed an interest in taking over a newly formed rehearsal orchestra I had begun in Grantham, the Grantham Occasional Orchestra, freeing me up to put my energies into other music projects within Lincolnshire and the East Midlands through the development of soundLINCS. Mary became soundLINCS’ first freelance Music Facilitator. Her drive, passion, inspiration, patience, personality and wealth of musical skill along with determination, not only maintained the Orchestra to become soundLINCS’ longest running project, she has also created a second equally successful orchestral workshop in the Lincoln area – Nettleham Orchestral Workshop. Over the past 20 years Mary has never faltered in her determination to do the best for the participants and support each player whatever experience of playing the instrument they have and indeed whatever instrument they are playing. She has committed herself to maintain her own professional development over the years, ensuring up-to-date knowledge and a freshness of enquiry and challenge within her own work practise and playing, which she extends through the inspirational delivery of her work."

Piano Lessons (parent)

"Mary is a fabulous teacher, she has fully embraced my daughter's love of contemporary music alongside the traditional grades. The introduction of the Rock and Pop syllabus has been highly motivating for my daughter and she has really enjoyed preparing the the exam in this. We can't thank Mary enough for all her encouragement and support over the last year."

Piano Lessons (student age 8)

"I love playing piano games which help me learn even though they are fun!"

Theory Lessons (adult student)

"I'm a long-time practical musician, but Mary has helped to open my eyes to how music actually WORKS!"

Piano Lessons (student age 11)

"Going to piano lessons with Mary always cheers me up and makes me eager to carry on learning."

Brass lessons & Orchestral Workshops (adult student)

"I've known Mary for many years both as leader of the Orchestral Workshops (Grantham and Nettleham) and as a teacher. I'm a really late beginner on brass and she saw me through grades 4 (Associated Board) and 5 (Trinity) on the baritone, with fantastic results. When I had a wobble before one of those exams, she was very reassuring and I worked extra hard to make sure I didn't let her down! She is very patient and thorough at both workshops and lessons, and I have been happy to recommend her to other students."

Orchestral Workshops

"A fun and relaxed environment to play a variety of pieces. Thanks Mary for your encouragement."

Orchestral Workshops

"Another great orchestra workshop today. This is such a friendly, relaxed environment in which to play. If you haven't played your instrument for some time or are unsure about playing with others, then these workshops are ideal. Everyone is welcoming and supportive. Whatever your ability, Mary makes it fun and enjoyable without any pressure being put on you."