Prices and Information About Costs

Music lessons are truly an investment for life - you  are learning a skill that will benefit you and bring enjoyment for the rest of your life! It is not difficult to find reports on research that proves the benefit of music to children's development and everyone's well being.


​What does the monthly fee for Music Lessons cover?

- Time spent with the student (weekly lessons during Lincolnshire School term-times)

- Time spent in preparation and administration

- Time spent marking theory homework

- Resources to enrich lessons and lend students for home use

- My training, experience, expertise and Continuing Professional Development

- The opportunity to perform in a recital occasionally

- My membership of professional organisations

What's not included?

Music books and apps

- Examination entry fees

Payment is due on the first of each month (Including August!) by standing order or regular direct payment. 

Further information can be found in my Introductory Letter.

Weekly 20 minute lessons for beginners: £11 per lesson / £37 pcm

Weekly 30 minute lessons: £55 pcm (£16.50 per lesson)

Weekly 40 minute lessons: £73 pcm (£22 per lesson)

Weekly 45 minute lessons: 82.50 pcm (24.75 per lesson)

Weekly 60 minute lessons: £110 pcm (£33 per lesson)

Weekly group Music Theory Lessons: variable depending on class size

1:1 Music Theory lessons£33 per hour

Additional piano or brass lessons in School holidays £16.50 per 30 mins

Orchestral Workshops £8 per person per session