French horn was my first instrument at Trinity College of Music, and I have plenty of experience as a soloist, orchestral and band player and with smaller ensembles.


Starting French horn lessons at the age of 11 was a dream come true for me, as I had long admired the beauty of their sound and appearance at the Prom concerts my parents took me to as a child. This enthusiasm remains!


I am happy to teach brass instruments at any level from beginners to more advanced players.  In lessons we study posture, breathing and technique as well as working on repertoire suited to each student's ability and taste. Pupils often bring music from bands or orchestras they play in to lessons so that I can help them with those.


As I am a French horn player, students of other brass instruments benefit from specialist input at higher levels (grade 6+) and I will be happy to recommend colleagues who specialise in the various instruments of the brass family.