Would I send my children to me for lessons?

When making my website the main criterium I had in mind was, ‘Would I send my children to me for lessons?!’  

It has long bothered me that anyone can set up as a music teacher whether or not they can teach, play the instrument they are teaching and regardless of criminal convictions. Private music teaching is an unregulated profession.

I decided to ‘put my money where my mouth is’ by becoming a registered piano teacher with EPTA (UK). In order to be a full professional member of EPTA (UK) you must be qualified and DBS  checked. I am also a member of The Curious Piano Teachers. This provides me with access to professional development and training as well as colleagues to share ideas and experiences. This has been a huge help, confidence booster and inspiration.

I hope that my website reflects my positive approach to teaching and learning and that this blog will be interesting, funny at times, reflective and maybe even educational. 

So, would I send my children to me for lessons?! YES, I believe I would!!! That’s not to say that another teacher wouldn’t be just as good - but I do believe that it is essential that music teachers are able to play the instrument they are teaching, able to teach effectively and are ‘safe’. A music teacher should be approachable, friendly, adaptable and able to work with each student as an individual. These are things I aspire to.   

I love teaching each and every one of my students. I love my work; with its journey of unpredictability, fun, and the knowledge that I am helping people find joy in a lifetime of music making.